SCO Meetup in India

SCO Meetup in India

Pakistani and Indian foreign ministers will exchange their thoughts on diplomatic relationship between both the countries. However, there should be no great expectation as the SCO is not for resolving political and bilateral disputes.

The SCO meeting will hopefully open ways to at least symbolically restart the dialogue between Pakistan and India but it is still not confirmed yet.

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First Pakistani Foreign Minister to head in India

After all the conflicts, and aftermath of events of 2019, the Pulawama affair, the ties between Pakistan and India are downgraded. There were no talks or relationship between both the countries from a long time.

Now Bilawal Bhutto is going to attend SCO meeting in New Delhi and he will be the first Pakistani Foreign Minister to head in India over a decade. This fact is changing the atmosphere and everyone is expecting for better results of this visit.

Both the countries came really close to war in 2018 after India’s Balakot incident. The nature of peace in subcontinent got really malfunctioned and both the states decided to put the end on war with breakup.

Currently Pakistan and India are going through the way by choosing a cold peace era, and this uneasy calm can be shattered very quickly if anything bad happens. Both the states are not even practicing any trade, diplomatic or cultural relations.

Now it is the time that both the countries should work to ease the relationship by posting high commissioners in the capitals. They need to re-establish trade ties and allow people-to-people visits, sport teams and talks on one table.

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The SCO seems to have great potential to bring peace between two geopolitical rivals. If both states work on peace building equally, then there is hope that soon both the neighbor countries will share border and strong trade relationship as well.

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