Reduction in Regulatory Duty of Mobile Phones

Reduction in Regulatory Duty of Mobile Phones

Government of Pakistan had abolished regulatory duties on Mobile phone devices and other 600 luxury & non-essential items. Pakistan will hopefully witness a reduction in prices of smart phone devices very soon.

According to the details, the regulatory duties on mobile phones of all kinds has been halved after the expiration of the Statutory Regulatory Orders (SROs).

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Regulatory Reduction Details

The estimated regulatory duty on cheapest mobile phone was $30 which has been reduced to Rs 300 just. The RD on mobile phones costing $100 is also reduced to Rs 3000 per set and Regulatory Duty on set was $200 is now Rs 7500 only.

Similarly, the regulatory duty (RD) on mobile phones with value of $201 to $350 is now Rs. 11,000 and phones costing above $350 and up to $500 will be charged RD of Rs. 15,000. Lastly, the regulatory duty on mobile phones costing above $500 will be charged at Rs. 22,000 with an additional 25% sales tax.

Mobile Phone Value in USD Regulatory Duty (PKR)

Up to 30 300
Above 30 and up to 100 3,000
Above 100 and up to 200 7,500
Above 200 and up to 350 11,000
Above 350 and up to 500 15,000

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Above 500 22,000 + 25% Sales Tax

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