Coca-Cola announced its first Smartphone

Coca-Cola announced its first Smartphone

Coca-Cola is a brand famous enough to know by kids of 3 age to oldies of 70, people around the corner know and like Coca-Cola soft drink. The brand recently surprised its fans by announcing first ever smart phone “The Cola Phone”.

The details about partnership and device are still hidden but a glimpse of users’ expectations from the phone is revealed. A showcase of phone is circulating over the internet, featuring a sleek design with iconic Coca-Cola red colour and design. The device is mainly a target to photography conscious users as of its dual camera setup.

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Features of Smart phone

One of the twitter user tweeted that, brand may be establishing a partnership with other mobile companies in market to launch its first product. Well the details about partners, product specification, are still hidden. There are several other comments of people asking about its features like size, memory, camera functions, RAM and other specifications.

According to sources, this first version of Coca-Cola will be a latest version of Vanilla realme 10 model. People are also commenting about Coca-Cola’s partnership with Real-me or oppo but there is still not any confirmation from Coca-Cola about partnership.

With the changing patterns of world, everything is changing and industries are trying to become giant industries, big conglomerates are trying to become more and bigger. But the question is will Coca-Cola survive the world just like its soft drink products and become top or will it just fade away after some interval?

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Public is concerned about the features, Coca-Cola phone will be providing. The first launch of phone is soon to be expected in India. But the concern is will it find its way to reach millions and billions of people or just stop after some time.

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