Raqse Bismil leads to share screen again

Raqse Bismil leads to share screen again

After the outstanding performances in Raqse Bismil, Sarah Khan and Imran Ashraf are once again coming back together for the new project and fans are all excited for their favorite couple blockbuster drama.

The on-screen famous couple appeared in the hit romantic deama Raqse Bismil in 2020 as a couple Moosa and Zohra. Both the audience and critics appreciated the performance of the couple.

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The actors had also shared their wish of working together again, Imran Ashraf said, “Should we do a drama together ?” and Sarah Khan replied as yes to Imran Ashrad’s question.

Imran Ashraf also called himself lucky to work with Sarah Khan as she could be a lucky charm for any hero.

Raqse Bismil on Hum TV

Raqse Bismil was directed by Wajahat Rauf and written by Hashim Nadeem. The drama presented the story of Moosa and Zohra who were deeply in love with eachother but faced a lot of problems due to different family backgrounds.

The couple will now share the screen in the project directed by Shaqielle A Khan.

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Sarah Khan was recently seen in Wabaal, Hum Tum, and Laapata, while Imran Ashrad worked in Chohdary and Sons, Piyar ke Naghmay, and Heer Da Hero.

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