Twitter to lose its iconic bird logo

Twitter to lose its iconic bird logo

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter and founder of SpaceX, announced his new to undergo a major change in the social media platform, Twitter. Frustrated with Twitter’s recent policies that had left many users dissatisfied, Musk took to his official Twitter handle to share his vision for the platform’s future.

In a tweet, Musk posted a captivating image of the letter hinting at a new logo for Twitter. He expressed his intent to change the current Twitter logo with the X logo, and even proposed a global rollout if a compelling X logo was posted that evening.

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Furthermore, the SpaceX owner also notified about his long-term plans to bid farewell to the Twitter brand and gradually phase out the iconic bird logo that has been synonymous with the platform. This ambitious move was met with curiosity and anticipation from Twitter’s vast user base.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Journey

Musk’s journey with Twitter began the previous year when he acquired the company for a staggering $44 billion and merged it into a new entity known as X Corp.

Since then, there had been growing discontent among users due to Musk’s policies and decisions. Following his takeover, Musk initiated layoffs, which drew criticism from the community. He then controversially introduced a paid subscription model for Twitter’s verification checkmarks, a feature that was previously free and only offered to selected users.

This move fueled debates about access and transparency on the platform. More recently, Musk raised eyebrows by announcing limitations on the number of daily tweets users could view. This decision sparked discussions about user engagement and content accessibility on Twitter.

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As the CEO of both SpaceX and Twitter, Elon Musk’s bold decisions continued to be closely monitored by the public, with the anticipation of how the platform’s rebranding and policy changes would unfold in the coming days and months.

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