PTCL Network Outage Snails Down Internet

PTCL Network Outage Snails Down Internet

Decrease in PTCL Traffic

Due to a decrease in PTCL traffic, internet services across the nation experienced significant interruptions. 

According to corporate sources, the internet fibre cables in Sukkur districts were damaged as a result of the severe rains. According to them, rainwater got inside the PTCL exchange and caused an electrical short-circuit. The business anticipates having the repairs finished by Tuesday morning.

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PTCL Cable Network

The PTCL cable network had a malfunction due to weather a few days prior. 

As a result of the PTCL network being down, other internet service providers connected to the business also experienced service interruptions. 

With connectivity at 38%, the event affected several providers, including PTCL, Nayatel, and Stormfiber.

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