President Alvi shares a video about family planning and we love it


President Arif Alvi shared a video on Twitter about family
planning and reproduction – a topic that is capable of raising
many eyebrows in a split second.
Sharing the video, Alvi urged people to destigmatise these
issues for a healthier Pakistan.
Many users said that it is essential to talk about this campaign
on other media platforms besides Twitter as well.
The informational video that he shared covers a range of social
issues portrayed by different characters of the working class
who are disregarded and discouraged for their efforts due to
the linked stigma around the aforementioned topics of family
planning and the individuals involved in the process.

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The video’s tagline is “free your thoughts off the brown paper
bag, talk about it.”
Alvi, while sharing the video on his Twitter account, said,
“National health has a deep connection with the health of a
mother and her child. We should give priority to things that are
“I urge you all to practice family planning for the sake of
prosperity. I urge you all to keep a check on the number of
children and make good health a reality. Discuss this topic and
spread this message – don’t ignore it,” added the President.
It merits a mention that this isn’t the only time President Arif
Alvi has spoken about the importance of family planning. Back
in June, he talked about the need to educate the masses about
family planning and observing the growing population in
The video is a constant reiteration for everyone to be present in
the discussion, equally, about family planning and reproduction.
There was a fair bit of support for the president’s words on
Twitter. People shared it with the hope that it would ignite a
much-needed conversation regarding an issue often brushed
aside in embarrassment and shame.

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