Pakistani’s escaping violence in Sudan

Pakistani's escaping violence in Sudan

The clashes erupted in middle of April between Army and paramilitary force in Sudan killing hundreds of people and many more are in danger trying to survive violence without water and food supply.

The burgeoning civil war threatens to kill and destabilize a wider region. The central cause of tension in Sudan rise in 2019 when civilian demanded for oversight of military and integration of groups into regular armed forces.

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The clashes now rise up to danger level and international people living in Sudan are calling out for help to survive. Due to intensifying conflict, 40-year-old Pakistani Rana Usman faced a dilemma finding a way to navigate the streets of Capital.

He told media that, “My mother, my wife as well as extended family, we did not know how to cross over to the Pakistani embassy as soon as possible. A serious battle is going on through out we even had stray bullets in our house”.

Before the fighting began, 1500 Pakistanis were there in Sudan, 700 Pakistani people so far managed to reach Sudan port. Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, Spokesperson of Pakistan Foreign office said that, We rushed to take our citizens out of Khartoum to ensure their passage to Pakistan.

International Citizens evacuated in Sudan

Constant shooting and bombing also caused shutdown of electricity and difficulty in access of water & food for city of huge population. Several ceasefire had been agreed by both sides in the past but were ignored during the three-day celebrations of Eid ul Fitr.

Many foreign students of different countries are calling out for help, who are stuck in Khartoum, a city of six million people living in it. People are also facing internet shutdown which is challenging the coordination of help.

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More than 150 people from Gulf countries, as well as Egypt, Pakistan and Canada were evacuated in the country shifted towards sea to Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah to avoid any kind of bad incident. More than 300 people from Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Germany are also evacuated in Sudan’s capital as fierce fighting is going on in the country.

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