Pakistan never asked UAE to expel Arshad Sharif

Demand Probe into Journalist Arshad Sharif’s Death

Since Arshad Sharif entered the UAE with a valid visa and wasn’t otherwise compelled to report to Pakistani authorities, Pakistan has never requested that the UAE expulse or extradite him. 

Tuesday night, senior diplomatic sources told that Arshad Sharif was a free person and allowed to travel to any nation. The sources dismissed any notion that the Pakistani government or any other organisation was attempting to in any way bring Arshad back to Pakistan. 

“Pakistan and the UAE have the closest ties, and the two friendly nations have never meddled in one another’s internal affairs.” The sources cautioned that attempting to entangle the UAE in Arshad Sharif’s problems would be harmful to their relationship. 

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The sources noted that when in government, UAE-affiliated individuals in Arshad Sharif’s movement were crucial in destroying Pakistan’s relations with friendly nations, and now that they have been ousted from office, they are attempting to do the same. 

According to the sources, no one who cared about Pakistan’s interests should disparage a nation like the UAE, which has always looked out for Pakistan’s interests. To say that Islamabad might ask for anything that wasn’t desirable by international standards is silly. According to the reports, Pakistani nationals have long found the UAE to be a secure and tranquil place. They said that any perception that was detrimental to it was against the national interest.

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