Pak-Afghan officials meet to discuss Torkham border dispute

pak afghan officials meet to discuss torkham border dispute

pak afghan officials meet to discuss torkham border dispute

 As the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan remains closed for the sixth day in a row, officials from both countries came together for an important meeting at Torkham Zero Point. This meeting took place, as reported by The News on Monday, to try and sort out the ongoing border issue.

Sources,  Shared that the meeting started on Sunday at noon and lasted for about two hours. On one side, there were Afghan officials led by Hafiz Asmatullah Yaqoobi, who heads Afghan Customs, along with Qari Meraj and Moulvi Takal.

On the other side, Pakistan was represented by Colonel Asim Kiyani, who is in charge of Khyber Rifles. He was joined by Lt Col Ahmad Mujtaba, Border Coordination Committee head Lt Col Bilal, Lt Colonel Zainul Abideen, and Major Shahabud din.

Both groups Agreed that they wanted to Resolve their differences through talking and peaceful discussions. The Afghan Officials explained that they were building a new security post and fixing up some old ones inside Afghanistan. They assured the Pakistani officials that the new post they were building wouldn’t be used against Pakistan.

The Pakistani officials, on their part, told the Afghan officials that while they were fine with fixing up the old security posts, international rules didn’t allow them to build new ones within 100 meters of the international border. They also said that the Afghan side should inform Pakistan before starting to build new security posts near the Zero Point.

The Afghan officials asked the Pakistani authorities to reopen the Torkham border because many trucks loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables were stuck, and the heat was causing them to spoil. The Pakistani officials replied that they would only reopen the border when they received instructions from higher-ups.

Meanwhile, security officials reported that all commercial activities and people crossing the border had been stopped. They said, “Because the border is closed, thousands of vehicles are stuck on both sides.”

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The Situation at the Torkham border remains tense, and it’s important for Pakistan and Afghanistan to Keep talking to find a Peaceful Solution to the ongoing issue. The well-being of people living on both sides of the border and the smooth flow of goods and trade depend on resolving these problems as Soon as possible.

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