Morocco Earthquake Leaves Thousands in Need of Help as Death Toll Surpasses 2,100

morocco earthquake leaves thousands in need of help as death toll surpasses 2,100

morocco earthquake leaves thousands in need of help as death toll surpasses 2,100

Sept 10  – After Morocco’s most powerful earthquake in more than 60 years, people who survived are facing a big problem, they need food, water and a safe place to stay. The earthquake, which was very strong and measured 6.8 on a scale that measures earthquakes, happened late on a Friday. Many people had to spend their third night outside because their homes were destroyed.

Rescue workers are trying to reach the villages that were hurt the worst. These villages are in a place called the High Atlas, which is a tough, mountainous area where homes are often far away from each other. They have a big challenge in helping the People there.

The number of people who died in the earthquake is now 2,122, and 2,421 People were hurt.  The Moroccan government might say yes to offers from other countries to help, and they’re ready to work together if that’s needed.

This Earthquake didn’t just hurt People it also caused damage to Morocco’s history. One very old mosque from the 12th century fell down because of the earthquake. Even parts of Marrakech, which is a city with old buildings that people from all over the world love, got damaged.

In a village called Moulay Brahim, people had to use their hands to dig out the bodies of those who died from the earthquake. It’s a very sad time, and people are asking for help because they don’t have enough Food, Water, and Other things they need. They are saying the government hasn’t helped them much.

One man named Hussein Adnaie said, “Some people didn’t get the help they needed, so they died. I saved my children, and I’m trying to find things to cover them and clothes for them from our broken home. 

Another person, Yassin Noumghar, who is 36 years old, said there wasn’t enough water, food, and electricity, and he didn’t receive much help from the government. He said, “We lost everything, our whole house. We just want government to help us.”

Now, the Moroccan government has made a fund to help the people who were hurt by the earthquake. They are also Sending teams to look for People and give them things like Water, Food, tents to stay in, and blankets to keep warm.

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Many countries including Spain, the United Kingdom, Qatar, and the United States, are Sending teams to help with rescues and provide Supplies. They want to help Morocco in this tough time.

The international aid system is ready to assist too, but they are waiting for Morocco to ask for their help. In the next few days it’s very important to find People who might still be trapped in damaged Buildings and to give help to those who need it most.

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