Oppenheimer Box office Review

Oppenheimer Box office Review

The first time Christopher Nolan captivated us all was with “The Prestige” in 2007. Despite having to watch a pirated DVD on a small PC screen, his storytelling magic had us hooked.

The non-linear narrative and masterful editing made everyone watch the film repeatedly, trying to decipher the tricks and illusions skillfully presented before my eyes.

The Prestige, begining of Nolan’s Career

“The Prestige” marked the beginning of Nolan’s phenomenon, and a devoted cult of fans emerged, including myself. With subsequent films like “Inception,” the non-linear style became synonymous with Nolan’s work.

However, as his films evolved, some fans started feeling less satisfied, but they still admired Nolan’s brilliance and filmmaking prowess.

“Oppenheimer” is the latest addition to Nolan’s legacy, which now focuses more on incredible editing and engineering rather than a compelling story.

The film delves into the enigma of scientist Oppenheimer and explores his contradictions, with the clash between communism and American patriotism driving the narrative.

However, it leaves little room for the audience to explore beyond this perspective, making them walk on eggshells.

Despite occasional flashes that could have delved deeper, the film fails to humanize Oppenheimer beyond a product of American war politics.

There are moments that seem exotic and thematic but lack true depth into Oppenheimer’s character. Cillian Murphy’s portrayal of Oppenheimer bears resemblance to his other roles, and the film’s soundtrack and visuals play a significant role in creating an impactful experience.

Ultimately, “Oppenheimer” may lack substance in its narrative, but Nolan’s sound design and visual storytelling still leave a lasting impression.

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However, some viewers might feel the absence of a more comprehensive representation, such as the exclusion of Japanese characters.

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