Is Barbie ban in Punjab ?

Is Barbie ban in Punjab ?

Barbie has been banned in Punjab, Pakistan for airing pro-LGBTQ content. Social media is filled with Barbie movie ban news as fans were waiting for it to go on-screen. According to the ban notification, “Punjab Film Censor Board refused to grant the movie a NOC due to its ‘objectionable’ material.

The Punjab censor board has refused to give the film NOC unless the objectionable material has been changed. The news soon grabbed the attention of people as people wanted the movie to broadcast in Pakistani cinemas.

Barbie movie in Lahore Cinemas

According to the sources, Lahore movie theatres like Cue Cinemas, Cine Star, and Universal Cinemas are not showing the movie. All the venues are showing Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, which has also raised concern about the Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling-starring film.

All the audience is confused about the films and their content. The movie is doing well in Islamabad, the Federal Capital and Sindh as well.

One of the users tweeted, ‘I am sorry, what? I just purchased my tickets’. Another also expressed his displeasure, “Hope they ban Oppenheimer for nudity too”.

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Audience is unhappy for ‘Barbie’ ban and they are criticizing the censor board for not banning Oppenheimer for this much nude and unethical content.

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