Onions more expensive than meat

Onions more expensive than meat

The start of New Year also jacked up the prices of daily food items, the sensitive Price index also indicated 30.6% increase in inflation per year. According to the statistic released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, there is 0.09% increase in prices from previous week.

During the last week the prices of 23 essential items increased including salt, firewood, garlic, mutton, beef, onions, rice, yogurt and fresh milk. The price of chicken meat went up to 16.09% and onions by 2.65% on weekly basis.

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Increase in inflation according to salary

The group with RS 17,000 to Rs 22,000 earning per month, the inflation rate increased to 30.6% and the group having Rs 22,000 to Rs 30,000 earning, the inflation rate increased to 31.88%. The majority of essential goods were unavailable for people because of increasing prices especially in rural areas as the source of income is also low.

This increase in prices might force citizens to change their living patterns so that they can afford daily usage items. The country is currently dealing with massive economic crises in which there is difficulty in importing items from other countries.

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The State Bank of Pakistan offered easy tax rules for making it possible the import of daily usage items so that citizens can afford it on low prices. Still there is a lot of need to bring back economy in stable position.

On the other hand the ongoing political conflicts is also destroying the peace in nation and making it difficult to normalize the situation. Ahead of all this, the flood situation in Pakistan also surge down the economy as a lot of crops destroyed under flood. This made the country out of the basic sources of life.

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