Mahira Khan recalls childhood memories in latest Instagram post

There is nothing more valuable than the gifts given by family, and Mahira Khan agrees. The Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay actor posted photos of her mother’s bags and wrote a note about how she would search through them as a child. She said she used to wait for the day the outfits in them would fit, and she would try them on “again and again.”

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“In my childhood, going through my mother’s bags was my favorite pastime. I would put on all her ghararas and her saris. I couldn’t wait till they would fit me properly,” Mahira Khan wrote in the caption.

The actor said she would make up scenarios of where she could wear them. “I have worn all of the time and again,” she added.

The Humsafar star said there was something so precious about heirlooms.

Khan recalled that she used to enjoy wearing her mother’s dupatta and the sari of her maternal grandmother, which was only kept for special occasions. “Aaah.. tender mercies,” she wrote.

There is certainly no one who doesn’t enjoy going through his parents’ old clothes and belongings. Thank you, Mahira, for sharing your beautiful memories with us.

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