Long March Will ‘Surprise’: Imran

Long March

Party’s Protracted March on Islamabad

Imran Khan said on Sunday that he will “surprise” the federal government this time since it is “clueless” about his strategy as final preparations for his party’s protracted march on Islamabad proceed. 

He also discussed the purported conspiracy and the contentious cypher while speaking to a party crowd at Taxila’s Railways Ground. He asserted that contrary to Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the cypher did not disappear from the PM House. 

The former premier asserted that the Foreign Office had access to the official copy of the encryption. 

Cases Involving Corruption and Money Laundering

Mr. Khan stated that laws had been amended to preclude conviction in cases involving corruption and money laundering in response to Ms. Sharif’s acquittal in the Avenfield apartment case. He claimed that the ruling coalition was seeking greater financial gain and was not satisfied with passing a second National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). 

The National Reconciliation Order was passed by Gen. Musharraf in 2007 as a result of an agreement with the PPP, and it halted cases that had been filed on political grounds. 

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PTI’s March to Islamabad

Regarding the PTI’s long march, Mr. Khan stated, “I know their plan but they do not know mine.”

He urged his supporters to be ready because he would announce the march on Islamabad to remove the government once the necessary preparations had been made. The PTI leader asked the audience to prepare for an “immediate” march on the capital. 

Highest Rates of Inflation

Ishaq Dar had returned to Pakistan following assurances from “concerned quarters” that he wouldn’t be detained upon arrival. Imran claimed that the country had the highest rates of inflation and a weakening economy that made it difficult for the paid class to exist. 

Regarding the most recent arrest orders issued against him, Mr. Khan stated that the government had at least three attempts to have him arrested and that he was prepared to go to jail. The former PM said, “The idols of fear have been destroyed, and the entire nation is prepared to go to jail.” 

Poking Fun at Ruling Class

“I ask the guards today […] Can the guards claim to be neutral if bandits are pillaging a house? What are the locals going to say? That the home is being pillaged, but the guards claim to be impartial,” Mr. Khan added, poking fun at the ruling class. 

He claimed that changes were made to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) law “to shield those who plunderered national riches.”

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