Israeli Strike Hits Ambulance Convoy at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

israeli strike hits ambulance convoy at al shifa hospital in gaza

israeli strike hits ambulance convoy at al shifa hospital in gaza

In a recent incident, an Israeli strike targeted an ambulance convoy that was leaving al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The attack caused injuries and many people died.  The international community condemn this inhuman act.

According to Gaza officials  the ambulance convoy was carrying wounded patients when it was hit by the Israeli strike.

Israel targeted the ambulance which  was transporting patients to the south.

Tragically, in a separate attack, at least 14 Palestinians, including children, lost their lives while attempting to escape south along Gaza’s coastal road.

The Health Ministry spokesperson at al-Shifa Hospital said the recent attack was a terrible event where many innocent people and those who were already hurt were harmed. They asked the world to step in and stop these inhuman attacks on regular people, medical workers and those who are already injured. They also wanted help in creating safe paths for injured people and aid to reach Gaza.

Tedros Adhanom

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called for a stop to fighting after this happened. He stressed the need to keep patients, medical workers, hospitals, and ambulances safe.

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Hamas’s leader

Hamas’s leader, Ismail Haniyeh, strongly criticized Israel’s attacks on ambulances and medical centers in Gaza. He said these actions show the challenges they are facing by the Israeli forces. He said they will keep fighting to protect the Palestinian

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Haniyeh also asked the international community to do what’s right, both morally and politically and follow United Nations decisions to end what he called a “genocide” against the people in Gaza. This is a very worrying situation, and efforts for peace and protecting regular people are crucial.

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