Iranian Leader hints Nuclear deal with West

Iranian Leader hints Nuclear deal with West

The Supreme Leader said that a deal with West is possible over Tehran’s nuclear work if the infrastructure of nuclear work of country remained intact, amid a stalemate between Tehran and Washington.

Months of indirect talks between Tehran and Washington to salvage the nuclear accord with six major powers have stalled since September, with both sides accusing each other of making unreasonable demands.

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Supersonic Missile by Iran

Iran presented it’s first domestically made hypersonic ballistic missile. The country made the announcement likely to heighten Western concerns about Tehran’s missile capabilities.

Iranian State Media quoted, “The Precision-guided Fattah hypersonic missile has a range of 1400 km and it is capable of penetratinv all defence shields, as according to Head of the Guards’ aerospace force, Amirali Hajizadeh”.

The Hypersonic Missile by Iran can fly at least five times faster than the speed of sound and on a complex trajectory, which makes them difficult to intercept. Last year, Iran also claimed about the missile which can move in and out of the atomsphere.

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Now Fattah can target ‘the enemy’s advanced anti-missile systems and is a big generational leap in the field of missiles. It can bypass the most advanced anti-ballistic missile systems of the United States and the Zionist regime, including Israel’s Iron Dome’.

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