Imran Vows to Surprise All, Claims PDM Offered Talks

Imran Khan

‘PDM Offered Talks’

Imran Khan asserted that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government had approached the former ruling party for discussions days after a meeting between PML-N leader Ishaq Dar and President Arif Alvi. 

In an interview with the media on Sunday at his Zaman Park home, the former prime minister made these comments while discussing his long march plan and other topics, such as the selection of the new army chief and Pakistan’s economic predicament. 

Alvi’s Mediation

Mr. Khan claimed that the PDM government communicated with him and the PTI through President Alvi, but the former prime minister’s long-standing insistence that he wait until the announcement of new elections before sitting down with the government. 

“After the general election date is announced, I would be open to talks on all subjects,” he continued. He claimed that because of its declining public support, the government was hesitant to participate in elections. “With the help of the people, I would overthrow the corrupt rulers’ government because they are driven to demand their rights and justice.” 

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PML-N’s Reaction to Imran’s Claims

When reached, Azma Bukhari, the PML-N Punjab information secretary, refuted the PTI chairman’s assertion regarding the offer of talks. 

She responded to the PTI leader’s comments by joking, “Imran Khan attempts to grip our collar in the day but keeps pleading for an honorable way out in the dark of the night.” 

Under the condition of anonymity, a different PML-N leader said that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had called President Alvi “just to check his reaction on the suggested summary being forwarded for the appointment of the new army chief.” 

PTI in Islamabad on 26th

The long marchers will congregate in Rawalpindi on November 26. Mr. Khan, who is recovering in Lahore after being hurt in a gun attack near Wazirabad earlier this month, said he was ready to provide a “surprise to everyone” on that day. In relation to the “surprise,” he continued, “the party’s plan to take the long march to Rawalpindi instead of Islamabad will also be revealed soon.” Mr. Khan proclaimed that he would be in Pindi (even if he wasn’t fully recovered) to welcome the marchers and lay out the march’s next plan of attack. 

The PTI chairman asserted that he was aware of the PDM government’s preparations and that he had “counter-plans” to astound the latter and its purported enablers. The current administration, he continued, was “caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.” 

If the government called new elections, it would suffer “humiliating defeat,” and if it chose not to, it would plunge the nation “into insolvency.”

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