Imran trying to open ‘negotiation doors’ with establishment, claims Khawaja Asif

Khawaja Asif

Desperation for Power

Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI and a former prime minister, is allegedly trying to open “doors of dialogue” with the establishment out of “desperation for power,” according to allegations made by defence minister Khwaja Asif on Monday. 

In an interview with SAMAA TV, he stated, “On the one hand, he is blasting them [the establishment], and on the other hand, he wants to open the doors of discussions or communication as well.” 

Asif’s allegations came two days after Imran warned the establishment at a rally in Gujranwala that it would be held accountable if the nation and economy “plummet any farther” under the current administration. 

You Call Yourself Impartial

The PTI chairman stated, “This nation will hold you accountable for the way the country is going down. I want to ask the establishment about the way this administration is bringing the nation and economy to a standstill. I know that you call yourself impartial.” 

The former prime minister also warned that if “free and fair elections” were not held in the nation, his supporters would take to the streets in peace and have their demands met “by force.” 

Imran wanted to talk to the establishment “at gunpoint” and “by force,” the defence minister claimed in a recent interview. 

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Retake Control of His Administration

Whether it is done correctly or incorrectly, he simply wants to retake control of his administration, according to Asif. 

Imran was utilising pressure methods, he continued, noting that the PTI leader had previously been a “admirer” of the establishment. “The establishment was OK back then, but now you’re treating them badly and attacking them.” 

The minister claimed that Imran has a “imperialist attitude” and “does not even know the spelling of democracy.” He continued, “And this is why he wants the establishment to support him.” 

Lawmakers Defend this Position

“But the time has come; after 75 years, the establishment has taken on a constitutionally and legally permissible function. Furthermore, it is crucial that we lawmakers defend this position.” 

Asif declared, “God willing, in the next years the function of the establishment will be the same and we will support it. The establishment is standing with the Constitution, not with a person or political party.” 

The minister called out the former premier for attempting to obstruct the judicial procedures while addressing the contempt of court charges brought against Imran.

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