Hasan Raheem, Asim Azhar vow legal action against Summer Jam Colour Fest for ‘fraud’

Hasan Raheem, Asim Azhar

Lawsuit Against the Summer Jam Colour Festival

Musicians Asim Azhar and Hasan Raheem have declared they intend to file a lawsuit against the Summer Jam Colour Festival, a music festival they claim misappropriated their names to defraud concertgoers.

These charges have been denied by the concert organisers, who assert that they are untrue. 

On his Instagram account on Sunday, Azhar posted a lengthy statement titled “Fraud Alert” in which he gave his supporters an explanation of why he couldn’t perform at the slated concert.

Refunds For All of Your Tickets

“The organisers of Summer Jam Colour Fest are frauds, and the event is a hoax. Get your refunds for all of your tickets and sponsorships, please. We won’t be performing tonight in Islamabad due to nonpayment, fraud, and [lack of commitment] from the organisers. And PLEASE BEWARE OF ANY FUTURE EVENTS BY THEM.” 

The singer of “Habibi” declared that he and his management will sue the event’s organisers. He alleged that they used their names to hoodwink fans into purchasing tickets and secure sponsors, but they refused to pay the artists for their labour. 

Azhar urged everyone to request refunds and insisted that those accountable for the theft face repercussions. “Despite everything, my team and I want to apologise to all the supporters who were eager to watch us perform. I hope we make up for it the next time,” he continued. 

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Singer of Ghalat Fehmi

The singer of “Ghalat Fehmi” told that getting the fans’ money back is his top priority, and that once that happens, he will think about the harm he has caused. 

The same evening, Raheem also posted an Instagram story, and his version of events appeared to line up with that of Asim Azhar.

“The whole thing makes me feel really sorry. I apologise to everyone who came out to enjoy themselves tonight. The organisers failed to pay us on schedule, he said. Please ask Sumer Jam Colour Fest for refunds. We’ll file a lawsuit against them because they wasted everyone’s time and money. And I appreciate everyone who came out tonight.” 

Summer Jam Colour Fest organisers

The Summer Jam Colour Fest organisers denied the “false charges” made against them in a formal statement.

“For the previous five years that we have been in this business, we have produced the biggest concerts in Islamabad and Lahore, featuring both the same singers and other performers. This was the artist’s fifth event with us, and we constantly upheld our end of the bargain with him at each one. The artist/artist manager’s disrespect for previous work and relationships with the organisers is especially upsetting.” 

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