Imran Heads to Pindi Today to ‘Climax’ Long March

Imran Heads to Pindi

PTI Rally in Pindi

Imran Khan urged the public to travel to Rawalpindi for the “climax” of his protest movement on Saturday (today), despite the fact that he is injured. Imran Khan is scheduled to lead his party’s lengthy march there. 

Mr. Khan has once more called for new elections, which he says will prevent a default and political chaos in the nation. He insisted that he would discuss his next move in his speech on Saturday in Rawalpindi. 

No Fight With Army

The former prime minister claimed in an interview with a private news network that certain people desired a fight between him and the army, but he emphasised that both the nation and the army belonged to him. He clarified that he was just upset with a few army black sheep, not the entire organisation. 

He questioned whether there was any chance of having a conversation with the government: “If they are not willing to have general elections early, what is left to talk about?” 

In the worst situation, he claimed that elections would undoubtedly take place in October and that the populace would use their votes to remove the current leaders. 

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Haqeeqi Azaadi Movement

“The Haqeeqi Azaadi movement will not cease today (Nov. 26), but rather continue until justice is served.” 

When asked if Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the PML-N, could utilise the court’s ruling in the Faisal Vawda dual nationality case to return and run for office, Mr. Khan responded, “The powers that be are undermining the core moral fibre of society,” adding that democracy always depended on moral standards. He criticised the “amending” of the law to allow Nawaz to run for office. 

The PTI leader spoke positively about Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, the chief minister of Punjab, but stressed that working in a coalition government also required being prepared to compromise. 

He claimed that CM Elahi and his son Moonis put utmost pressure on the police to register a FIR of the attempted assassination against him, but the police refused because they were ‘controlled’ by the strong quarters. 

Imran Khan’s Health Update

Mr. Khan provided an update on his health and indicated that while the two bullet wounds in his thigh were healing, the third bullet that had perforated the lower portion of his leg was making it difficult for him to walk.

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