Iconic Titanic is still third biggest revenue film

Iconic Titanic is still third biggest revenue film

Titanic became the third grossing film again, with revenue of 42.217 billion. The way of water is standing on fourth at $2.213 billion. James Cameron’s Titanic also passed the records of famous Avatar. Titanic is a 1997 American hit written, produced and edited by James Cameron. The story of Titanic was based on epic romance and disaster genre with both historical and fictional aspects.

The producer Cameron told media that its inspiration came from his fantasies for ships he felt that a love story mixed up with human loses will give a sense of attachment with the film. The production of film begun in 1995 and it got on aired in 1997.

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History of Titanic

When Titanic was firstly released in 1997, it achieved significant success in cinema and in hearts of its viewers. It was praised for its visual effects, natural performances, musical score and script. Titanic was also nominated for 14 academy awards including Best Director and Best Picture awards.

In 2017, the film was re-released on its 20th anniversary and now in 2023 it is again released on its 25th anniversary with 3D 4k quality and high frame rate.

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Titanic grossed $22.3 million at global level box offices. The Hollywood report also confirmed that Avatar could cross the gross level of milestone but Cameron’s Titanic crossed a $22.3 million, a tidy achievement in front of other films.

Earlier, last weekend Titanic’s Global gross stood at $2.194 billion in worldwide tickets sales and it is ready to earn more milestones in award category and viewer’s choice categories.

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