Hijab compulsory for teachers in AJK

Hijab compulsory for teachers in AJK

Education department of Azad Jammu and Kashmir made Hijab mandatory for female teachers and students perusing their career or study in co-education institutions, Directorate General of Elementary and Secondary Education said that Hijab will be compulsory for students and teachers.

Deputy Director of education department added that, “It has been observed that female students and teachers are not made to wear Hijab in institutions where co-education is practiced. Under the passed on instructions, female students and teachers should be strictly bound to wear hijab”.

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He further said that strict action shall be taken against the head of institutions on violation of instructions. The notification was sent to app three divisional directors and education offices for implementation of rules.

Reasons behind instruction

The AJK Minister for elementary and secondary education confirmed the notification and elaborated the reasons behind it. He said that we have taken this decision in observance of injunctions of God and His Messenger PBUH. The women have been ordered to wear veil and men are ordered to lower their gaze.

The Minister also mentioned that in some rural areas we cannot manage having separate institutes for girls and boys due to shortage of resources and small number of girls going to get education. Therefore they are enrolled in co-education institutions.

Minister of education of AJK further added that we have received some complaints from parents, that’s why we decided to make rules and regulations for dress code of teachers and students making Hijab mandatory.

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He said that Hijaab should also be enforced in universities but as university students are more mature than adolescents that’s why it is implemented in high schools and higher secondary schools. He said that it is not a forced decision we have contacted with parents and teachers before taking final decision.

Everyone accepted it with open heart because our society is close to their religion and respect the values of Islam.

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