Hamza Off To UK To ‘Explain Away Punjab by-Polls Defeat’

Hamza Off To UK To 'Explain Away Punjab by-Polls Defeat’

Hamza Shehbaz Travelled To London

Hamza Shehbaz, son of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, reportedly travelled to London on Thursday to “offer an explanation” to PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif about the party’s humiliating loss to Imran Khan’s PTI in the important by-elections in Punjab. 

The older Sharif reportedly called Hamza to London over his failure to keep the position of chief minister because he is angry about losing Punjab to the PTI-PML-Q combo. 

Party’s Humiliating Loss

“Nawaz Sharif is unhappy over the party’s humiliating loss in the by-elections for Punjab last month, which toppled its administration and made it vulnerable in the province, which was previously thought to be its bastion. Hamza will need to appease his uncle for both his bad performance as chief minister and his father Shehbaz’s botched campaigning approach against Khan in the by-elections, a PML-N insider informed Dawn. 

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He claimed that although Nawaz Sharif had been informed of the “reasons” for the PML-defeat N’s during a party meeting, he still desired a “in-person explanation” in this regard. Hamza will also have to explain why he and his cousin Maryam Nawaz couldn’t work together more effectively during his brief tenure as CM. Maryam had asked Hamza to add the lawmakers she had suggested to his cabinet, but he had declined. In addition, when Nawaz was chief minister, he did not immediately comply with his orders, the insider claimed. 

Defeat On 15 Of The 20 Seats

The main explanations given for the defeat on 15 of the 20 seats of the Punjab Assembly in the July 17 by-elections included the awarding of tickets to PTI turncoats, which made PML-N workers unhappy and uninterested in the election campaign, the coalition government’s unpopular decisions to make significant increases in petroleum and electricity prices, rising inflation, and related matters. 

Maryam reportedly refused to accept responsibility for the party’s defeat because she believed she had done everything in her power to run an aggressive campaign. However, her detractors within the party said that she wasted at least a week “thinking” before launching the campaign for the PTI turncoats, despite the fact that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had done so much earlier. 

Imran Goraya, Hamza’s political secretary, claims that the former chief minister flew on a private airline on Thursday and arrived in London. He promised that Hamza would meet Nawaz when he was there. Goraya did not provide a timeframe for the PM’s son’s arrival, though.

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