Hadiqa Kiani Did Not Attend HUM Awards, But Why?

Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani Clarifies

After famous people descended upon Canada to attend the award ceremony, this year’s HUM Awards have become the buzz of the town. However, some of those who chose not to go sparked rumours that they had been ignored by the channel.

Hadiqa Kiani posted on Instagram to clarify that HUM TV did not “discriminate” against her for not attending and that she believed it was her responsibility to do so because the world “needs no more rumours.” 

The Dobara actor posted a video from the awards presentation on Monday and said that she had been gone from social media because she had been busy spreading news about the floods in Pakistan, but that she had been made aware of the “controversies” surrounding individuals in attendance by friends and family. 

Best New Sensation Award

“I’ve received a tonne of angry messages, tweets, TikToks, and YouTube videos on my social media accounts from people who are outraged that I didn’t win an award because I didn’t show there. I want to be clear that I received the Best New Sensation award this year for my performance in Raqeeb Se, even though I don’t think I was deserving of one this year,” she added. 

In addition to Ammar Kashif, wife of director Kashif Nisar, who first congratulated the actor on the prize via call and then provided her the video, Kiani gave gratitude to costar Iqra Aziz for texting her about the win. 

“Like I stated, I don’t think I deserve the award, but I want to be clear that HUM TV did not treat me differently since I did not go,” she continued.

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Rumours are Unnecessary in World

“I feel it is my responsibility to make it clear that they have not asked me to share anything. More rumours are unnecessary in this world.” 

The “Boohey Barian” singer complimented and congratulated the Raqeeb Se cast and crew for the honours their drama received at the ceremony. In her letter of appreciation, she praised drama writer Bee Gul for her “great writing” and referred to the production as a “labour of love.” 

She also spoke to those who are upset for legitimate reasons, advising them to find solutions and support one another rather than getting angry at others or the circumstance itself. 

Improve the World Little Bit

“This just means that we have to keep doing our part to improve the world a little bit. It doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the good or do our jobs. Step by step,” Kiani penned. 

Mahira Khan addressed the “unkind feedback” she received for attending the award event and for not contributing “enough” to the flood relief operations on Friday.

She responded that if it makes someone happy, she can snap photos, but that would be “showing off doing charity” while assuring the netizen who criticised her that she was doing her part.

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