Google 7a Unveiled

Google 7a Unveiled

Google has launched it’s first folding phone and range of new Pixel mobile gadgets and an Android tablet that doubles the smart display when docked and charging at home.

At annual I/O developer conference, company unveiled that the android devices are designed to compete with rivals from Apple and Samsung as google is continuing its own-brand hardware push.

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Google is the first one in market to launch Pixel 7a, which is the latest in Mid-range smartphones, best in hardware and software. The phone is featuring 6.1 OLED screen with fast 90 Hz refresh rate, face and fingerprint lock with wireless charging.

The device is also offering upgraded dual-camera system with 72% larger sensor and faster low-light photography. The phone will cost $449 having 128 GB of storage, 8GB RAM and G2 chip.

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold is also just around the corner and company is ready to unveil it at this year Google I/O. Smart devices companies around the world are at the top in market when it comes to foldable devices.

Samsung, Oppo, Honor are competitive in the space too but now Google is also ready to nail the competition through pixel fold. From hardware to software all the things are packed in a device properly.

Google Pixel fold powered by Google pixel 7 series will pack the Google Tensor G2 chipset with 12GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage and 120Hz displays on both outside and inside. The device will be a decently high-end foldable best in ways.

One of the major criticism on foldable smartphones is the lack of flagship cameras. Like the device has a pretty good camera but when it is compared to other devices, unfold able devices are just a way better than foldable ones.

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The Google Pixel fold is expected to be announced at this year Google’s I/O and should come in at around $1,799 as per the leaks and rumors. The pre-order feature will also be available with the device shipping in June.

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