Alleged Audio leaks of Najam Saqib Nisar

Alleged Audio leaks of Najam Saqib Nisar

The new alleged audio leak featuring son of Chief Justice Saqib Nisar’s son Najam Saqib and party ticket holder from PP-137 Abuzar Maqsood Chaddhar came out in news, PTI party has launched an inquiry.

The investigations also revealed that Abuzar was booked in case in 2021 but the case was later crashed. A fake case was registered against him after which the SHO was suspended from his job.

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The sources also revealed that Mian Uzair, from which Saqib Nisar’s son asked Rs 12 million had studied with Abuzar Chaddhar in Uk. The former CJP Saqib Nisar also confirmed that voice in the leaked audio is his son’s voice.

Meanwhile, the former CJP also said that voice has been presented in a distorted way by those who made the audio.

Audio leaks of CJP’s Mother in Law

Alleged audios of Mahjabeen Noon has sparked another controversy in Pakistan. Mahjabeen Noon is mother in law of Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandiyal. The audio conversation was with wife of lawyer Khawaja Tariq Raheem’s wife Raafiya Tariq.

The audio gone viral on social media in which Chief Justice’s mother in law was talking about the safety and well-being of Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandiyal.

To response to her concern about safety and protection of her son in law, Rafiya Tariq said that Justice Bandiyal is not alone, whole country is praying for his safety. The conservation was going well until it took a major political turn towards elections.

Chief Justice’s mother in law expressed her frustration on Punjab elections and also called their opponents as traitors. Raafiya Tariq responds like, its Chief Justice’s rights to take suo-moto action. Mahjabeen Noon also said that it is not only Chief Justice but previous Chief Justises also enjoyed this opportunity.

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Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that, “Are the political decisions being taken according to the wishes of family?”. They are trying to segregate the nation. The interior Minister demanded the forensic analysis of audio to check credibility.

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