Ed Sheeran wins US copyright case

Ed Sheeran wins US copyright case

The English Pop musician Ed Shereen wins US copyright case, he was accused of plagiarizing Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get it On’ while he was composing his 2014 hit ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Jury ruled that he independently created this song without copying.

The English Singer while talking to media said that, he is very happy with the decision but unbelievably frustrated that baseless claims like this even make it to court.

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According to media, Ed Shereen hugged his team after jurors ruled about his song that it is independently created without copying any content from any other singer’s work.

The lawsuit against Ed Shereen was filed by the heirs of Gaye co-writer Ed Townsend who accused that rhythmic elements and harmonic progressions in the song were copied in Ed Shereen’s song without permission.

Ed Sheeran said in statement, ‘If the jury had decided this matter the other way, we might as well say goodbye to the creative freedom of songwriters’.

He added that, ‘It is devastating and also insulting to be accused of stealing other people’s song when we put so much efforts into our livelihoods”.

Thinking Out Loud in 2014

The English singer testified that he wrote most of his songs in a day and he cowrote ‘Thinking out Loud’ with song writer Amy Wadge, a regular writing partner at Sheeran’s home in February 2014.

The Jury decided the case on basis of copyright elements and if Sheeran’s song and Gaye’s classic are substantially similar and had any common elements which is copied or same.

Other Industry members closely followed this case as it could have set a precedent for protections on songwriter’s creations and opened the door to legal challenges elsewhere.

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Ed’s ‘Thinking out loud’ shot up America’s billboard hot 100 charts when it was released. It also won the Song of Year Prize at the Grammys in 2016.

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