Eat this, not that: Proven habits to avoid ageing

Eat this, not that: Proven habits to avoid ageing

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Staying active is the best personal habit to slow the process of ageing. It doesn’t matter what the activity is. Going outside and walking multiple times each day keeps muscles healthy and stimulates the cardiovascular system. It also prevents atrophy and results in sunlight exposure, which increases the natural absorption of Vitamin D. For some people, walking doesn’t work. Then, a low-intensity weight lifting session can be deemed helpful. A person should lead his life by the mantra that all movement is beneficial.

Regularly skimping on nutrients can wreak havoc on numerous systems like your brain, heart, and gut. Moreover, it can also cause muscle loss as you age.

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That is seen as a big deal as muscle mass already declines as you get older. By skimping on nutrients, the process is accelerated, and the condition is called sarcopenia. It raises the chances of significant health issues and causes the loss of mobility. When this happens, people may not get the nutrients they need due to low appetite, which means fast muscle loss could soon follow.

Similarly, eating high glycemic foods and less sugar can reduce slow ageing and the process of glycation. High sugar loads in the human body damage proteins and cause reduced elasticity of tissues, including tendons, skin, and blood vessels, resulting in loss of protein function. From a dermatological perspective, glycation causes loss of elasticity and premature skin ageing. In addition to consuming a lower glycemic diet, eating steamed antioxidant-rich foods or a plant slant diet emphasizing fresh has been shown to limit glycation.

Maintaining your muscle mass by employing strategies like eating nutrient-dense foods and regular exercise can only help your overall function. It may even boost the chance of living longer. According to a study, muscle mass loss can also be related to earlier mortality.

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