Celebrities Condemn Faisalabad Sexual Assault Case

Celebrities Condemn Faisalabad Sexual Assault Case

Investigation and Question the suspects

A special committee was established by the Faisalabad police on Wednesday to oversee the investigation and question the suspects in connection with the sexual assault, degrading treatment, and torture of a dental student. Many upsetting videos of the assault had gone viral on social media before anything was done. Celebrities are now urging people to stop sharing these videos. 

Ahsan Khan posted a message on his Instagram stories saying, “It’s better to shame the culprit and the woman who was filming all of this rather than sharing the viral video of a young woman who was brutally tortured and humiliated for rejecting this lowlife’s proposal. 

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Bilal Qureshi Expressed His Gratitude

On the photo-sharing app, actor Bilal Qureshi also expressed his gratitude to the police for acting quickly and apprehending the main offenders, but he questioned why his daughter, who also abused her friend, hadn’t yet been apprehended. He wrote, “Mazloom ko nahi zalim ko viral karo [Make the oppressor viral, not the victim],” asking the authorities to punish them in a way that ensured no one would ever repeat such a crime. 

“Speechless and furious, but regrettably she won’t receive justice due to our flawed system! Model Alyzeh Gabol predicted that she would be like other victims who are still fighting for justice. She also expressed concern for the student and other victims of the same violence who have been suffering while having their cases either ignored or hidden.” She concluded, “May Allah help all those who are helpless in the presence of such animals.”

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