Breathe taking views of Hunza Valley

Breathe taking views of Hunza Valley

Pakistan’s one of the breath taking Hunza Valley is considered as most beautiful place in Pakistan. It is located in region of Gilgit Baltistan province, where a lot of tourists visit it from around the world.

It is marked by Hunza River which is covered with top mountains of 7000 high peaks. The valley hosts the happiest people on earth who welcome the tourists with their deep heart and smiley faces. 

The Hunza valley is divided into Upper Hunza, central Hunza and lower Hunza. Its people are known as “Hunzus”. Most of the people of Hunza are Shia Muslims following Prince Agha IV.

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People of Hunza

The ancestors of Hunza valley is said to be descendants of Alexander the great. It is also said that people of Hunza are immune to cancer and chronic diseases and famous for their long span lives.

Many world scientists tried to unveil the fact of no disease rate in Hunza, all of them find different reasons. Some said diet, some concluded the advantage of drinking pure glacier water, soma said that they don’t eat processed food and eat a rich diet which is reason for their long disease free life.

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The literacy rate of Hunza valley is also 99% which is highest in the country. The young people of Hunza go to other cities for education and then come back to their home place to serve better. It is normal in Hunza that a shopkeeper can be a doctor, engineer of teacher. 

The people of Hunza are warm hearted and welcome tourists with big hearts which make the valley more attractive and beautiful. The landscapes, eye capturing glaciers, and rick culture of Hunza valley is famous all over the world.

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