Bilawal lashes out at PM Khan, urges him to ‘come out of Bani Gala palace’


Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to tell the nation of the reasons behind giving $3 billion back to Saudi Arabia.

“You have been going around the world with a begging bowl in your hands. Undoubtedly, you’re experienced in asking for charity, but countries are not run on charity,” Bilawal said in a statement released on Monday (today).

Bilawal, in the statement, said the prime minister was responsible for the dismal economic condition of the country, adding that “every citizen is paying a heavy price of Imran Khan’s slogan of ‘Change Tsunami'”.

Speaking about Prime Minister’s trip to Saudi Arabia, Bilawal termed it “unfortunate” how the prime minister, who used to promise about not taking loans from other countries, was moving back and forth in the world with a “begging bowl”.

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Bilawal said the government had borrowed money from China to give back Saudi Arabia’s $3bn loan, adding that the inept economic policies had made life miserable for the poor common man.

“If the money from loans continues to flow out in corruption, the common man will always have to bear the burden of hefty inflation,” he said. “Imran Khan, please come outside of your palace in Bani Gala,” maintained Bilawal.

The PPP chairman said that China was reluctant on issuing $6bn funds for the ML-1 project and said the government cannot give back the payments for the CPEC projects. 

Each Pakistani, as per Bilawal, is under the hefty debt of almost Rs0.2 million. “This is the price that we are paying for the inability and ineligibility of Imran Khan.”

Bilawal further said that “foreign governments and investors are reluctant to initiate any investment during Imran Khan’s government.”

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