Best Games For Workaholics In 2022

Best Games For Workaholics In 2022

State of Employee Engagement Report

15% of employees are at a high risk of resigning, according to our 2022 Q1 State of Employee Engagement report. The answers lie in workplace happiness and social interaction. 

Employee retention is higher when they enjoy their coworkers than it would otherwise be. How can you encourage pleasure and social interaction at work? With icebreaker games, you can be on the way to begin. 

Person’s First Employment Experience

The interview procedure is only the beginning of a person’s first employment experience; a contract is not the end of it. Both the onboarding process and the transition into new teams are crucial aspects of an employee’s experience that can affect how they view the company’s values and work culture right away. 

At that point, icebreaker games are helpful. Icebreakers don’t have to be uncomfortable or something that no one wants to do. Instead, use icebreakers as a chance to improve team dynamics, which will increase output and overall employee engagement. Icebreakers give staff members at all organisational levels a chance to unwind for a short while and have a good time. 

We have ice breakers for meetings and for onboarding new employees, so look no further. 

These games can, of course, occasionally be awkward. But the fun only goes so far. 

The best thing, though? Take that, coronavirus! You can play the majority of them with your remote teammates. 

1) Two truths and one lie

Several new employees starting today? 

If so, plan a team lunch or an afternoon break so that your current staff members may get to know the new hire. 

Here’s a quick method for doing that: Once everyone is present, ask them to list two things about themselves that are true and one that is false. After that, have each person present the ideas they had. 

Everyone tries to guess the correct response, which sparks interesting and fun conversation and inspires tales of prior occurrences. 

2) Find 10 things in common

One of the best icebreakers for big groups is undoubtedly this. 

Consider that you are the manager of a huge organisation whose departments hardly ever communicate with one another. 

Host a company-wide lunch to encourage staff to get to know one another better (or a Zoom call). 

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Make sure you divide everyone up into distinct groups that contain representatives from all departments. 

Ask the groups to come up with 10 things they have in common (besides the obvious, e.g., that they are human). 

You might discover that despite the fact that your workplace is on the west coast, a strangely large number of employees have all visited Keokuk, Iowa. 

3. Whodunit? 

Your staff should be divided into groups (or pairs if you have a small company). 

Give everyone a note card and ask them to write down something fascinating they’ve ever done (skydiving, having lived in ten different states, or drinking a gallon of milk in five minutes is preferred). The sillier the activity, the better. 

Each individual will choose a note card to read aloud after you put the note cards in a hat and give it a good shake. 

The next step is for the reader to make an educated guess as to “whodunit” and their reasoning. 

4) The Scavenger Hunt

A traditional scavenger hunt is an option if you have a little extra time on your hands. 

Such an occurrence may occur on-site, depending on where your office is located (once you start working there again, that is). 

Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you could choose to send your team around the corner or even across town (though not recommended during the pandemic). 

A fun alternative is to do a virtual scavenger hunt, where the object is to find anything that “meets the description” rather than a specific item. 

5) Human Rock-Paper-Scissors

Even if you’re a robot with artificial intelligence, chances are you’ve played rock-paper-scissors with a friend or an enemy at least once. 

However, you have probably never used the game in a group environment. 

This is how it goes: Create as many teams as you need from your personnel. Let each person develop unique body cues for each movement. The winner of the tournament will be decided by a best-of-five series between each team. 

A word of advice: Everyone should stretch before the game because it may get extremely fierce. 

And take care: Laughing too much might weary employees, so you might want a doctor on call.

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