Beat Pollution Drive for World Environment Day

Beat Pollution Drive for World Environment

World Environment Day is observed to trigger plastic pollution under the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Seminars and walks were organized to raise awareness about the hazards of plastic pollution, which poses significant threats to nature and human health.

Punjab University College of Earth and Environmental Sciences in collaboration with GIZ Pakistan held a seminar to talk about the importance of clean environment.

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Widespread use of Plastic

The Vice Chancellor of Punjab University, Dr Khalid Mehmood highlighted the widespread use of plastic for convenience and its disastrous impact on the world. He stressed the need for a systematic awareness campaign, legislation, and policy-making to control plastic pollution.

The seminar attendees also talked about the increased use of plastic and deforestation to various species, including humans, birds and insects.

The seminar also emphasised the need to find alternative means for employment in the plastic industry, which is connected to millions of people.

Participants discussed the importance of small steps such as conserving water, switching off lights, and adopting eco-friendly behaviors to protect the environment consistently over time.

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The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences also observed the day with an awareness walk and a seminar on the theme of “Beating Plastic Pollution”.

Students showcased their models for combating plastic pollution.

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