Basant Announcement from Rawalpindi Kite Flying Association

Basant Announcement from Rawalpindi Kite Flying Association

The Rawalpindi kite flying association announced that, they will celebrate Basant in city and cantonment areas on February 16th and second event on February 24th. While the local authorities and police announced that strict action would be taken against any kite flyer and seller.

The City Police officer ordered 33 district police stations to arrest the buyer, seller and flyer of kites in city, and register FIR of law breaking against them. This kite flying order is implemented under article 144 of law. It seems that run-catch game will be played among police and flyers on Basant event.

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Basant celebration dates

Despite the ban, the flyers started ordering large number of kites and strings for Basant. The kite association announced that if there will be rain on 16th February, then Basant will be celebrated on 17th or 18th of February but we will not cancel it on any case.

Shopkeepers started selling kites and strings secretly, while people are also ordering kites from KPK, as there is no ban in province.

The Rawalpindi Kite association told that Basant is the favourite festival of Pakistan, and we will not compromise on it. The ban of the event is not the solution to problem. The concerned authorities should focus on materials being used while manufacturing strings.

The head of kite flying association Rawalpindi Muhammad Iqbal said that of government will ban the event; people will still celebrate it so the simple solution to it is the use of safe material in making strings for kites.

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The Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner also announced that there will be strict action on high level against flyers and sellers. Police is ordered to make announcement in loud speakers against schools and houses so that parents should be aware of the law. The mosques will also be involved in making public service messages to avoid celebrating Basant.

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