Arrest Warrant against PTI Chairman Imran Khan

Arrest Warrant against PTI Chairman Imran Khan

An arrest warrant against PTI chairman Imran khan has been issued is Islamabad in result of recent hate speech against a woman judge. The case against Pakistan tehreek e insaf’s chairman was registered on 2Oth August because of his ill remarks against district judge and high authority police officers.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has always been in news because of ill and harsh words against military officials and senior judges. According to the case registered against Imran khan, it is an act of terrorism that he committed by threatening the judge.

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After the news break, a lot of supporters in many cities of Pakistan came out and warn the government against arresting their beloved leader. The senior part member of PTI started visiting Bani Gala to ensure the protection of their chairman.

There were rumors spread that 300 soldiers force being sent to bani gala to arrest Imran khan, but Islamabad police denied this saying that, everyone should stay calm and not listen to propaganda. The warrant issue is a legal process by Islamabad high court but the case has been transferred to session courts. We will take any further step according to court orders.

The interior minister said that, this is routine crime and bail is possible so there will not be any arresting of PTI leaders. The senior member of PTI, Fawad Chohdary however said that he will apologize to female judge if he has crossed any line.

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The PTI chairman also visited the court in order to submit an apology application for his harsh words threatening female judge. But the lady judge was on leave so he conveyed his apology to her reader.

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