Ayaz refuses to bow down, says many secrets still hidden

Ayaz refuses to bow down, says many secrets still hidden

Ayaz refuses to bow down, says many secrets still hidden

Former National Assembly speaker Ayaz Sadiq said that he stands by his words and will stand by them regardless of what the government has to say while adding that he has a lot more secrets that can be released to the public as he was heading the National Security Committee.

“I am standing by my stance and you will see in the future, I have many secrets. I had been heading the National Security Committee,” said Sadiq.

Meanwhile, lambasting the government, he said the PTI had played into the hands of Indian media “I want to say about this inefficient government, you can fight any political battles you want but political parties will only agree with you when it comes to Pakistan. I request you to keep the armed forces out of this fight,” he added.

On the other hand, Interior Minister Ijaz Shah said the government is working to initiate Article 6 proceedings against the former speaker as what he did and said fall can be termed as high treason. Ayaz Sadiq has passed a very wrong statement about Indian pilot Abhinandan and the army chief, said Ijaz Shah.

Earlier, a citizen filed a civil case against Sadiq for his comments with regards to the release of Indian airforce pilot Abhinandan.

The complainant has said that the statements made by Sadiq disrespect the armed forces and the country. The police said that the case has been forwarded to legal experts to check if the validity of the FIR can be ascertained.

Sadiq had said that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was present in the meeting, which Imran Khan had refused to attend where Qureshi begged the Opposition to release Abhinandan or else India would attack Pakistan at 9:00pm.

“India never attacked Pakistan but the government nonetheless handed over Abhinandan to Indian authorities,” Sadiq said.

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