Alvi Seeks ‘political pause’ amid floods as Imran campaigns

Alvi Seeks ‘political pause’ amid floods as Imran campaigns

Arif Alvi requested political parties

Due to the disastrous floods, President Arif Alvi requested political parties to suspend their political activities on Friday. He claimed that any narrative that sowed discord within national institutions was not in the interest of the country. 

The president also urged everyone involved to start a nationwide campaign to energise the populace. 

Dr. Alvi made his remarks the same day Imran Khan, the leader of his party and the former prime minister, spoke at a public gathering in Gujrat. On Thursday, Mr. Khan also held a rally in Sargodha. 

President Alvi stated that while though he is not required by the constitution to help lessen the current political polarisation, he has offered to arbitrate on their behalf on important matters like the next election, a consensus-based economic charter, and how to proceed with important appointments. 

Assist the civil and military authorities

In a meeting with the media, the president said, “Businesses, civic society, and humanitarian groups should assist the civil and military authorities in their rescue and relief efforts to rehabilitate the flood victims and for the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure.” 

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In response to a query, the president reaffirmed that no institution, including the army and the court, should be exploited to score political points because such statements did not serve the interests of the country as a whole. 

Institutions and the people of Pakistan

“We must comprehend that it is never in our national interest for any comment, story, or analysis to have the potential to sow discord within institutions or between institutions and the people of Pakistan.” 

Regarding the usage of social media, Dr. Alvi claimed that certain users who supported a political party or a politician trotted out and started negative trends about specific people and organisations without the knowledge or approval of the party or leader they backed. Such unsubstantiated attributions, he said, increased polarisation. 

President Alvi emphasised that more than 33 million people had been impacted by the climate crisis, and 1,100 people, including more than 350 children, had died as a result. He emphasised the importance of starting a national campaign to increase the country’s forest cover, switch from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources, and construct massive dams and delay-action structures to lessen the effects of climate change. 

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