AI to replace 80% jobs

AI to replace 80% jobs

Artificial Intelligence could replace 80% of human jobs in next few years according to Mathematician, cognitive scientist and famed robot-creator Geortzel. He is founder and Chief Executive of research group to create ‘Artificial General Intelligence’.

Geortzel attended Web Summit in Rio De Janeiro, the World’s biggest annual technology conference, where he explained that there are just a few years when artificial intelligence is going to replace human jobs.

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He said, “If we want machines to really be as smart as people and to be as agile in dealing with the unknown, then they need to be able to take big leaps beyond their training and programming. And we are not there yet. But I think there is reason to believe we are years rather than decades from getting there”.

Dangerous Super Human AI

There are no doubt Dangerous Super Human Artificial Intelligence but still it is difficult to capable of becoming like human level general intelligences, because human do complex tasks with reasoning that is some how difficult for AI.

Artificial Intelligence could also spread misinformation and it is hard to trust the bots with this inability. The internet is also like AI as it also gives you away more information at fingertips.

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Human jobs are no doubt crucial but there are some fields in which bots and Artificial Intelligence could do better. We just need to put efforts in making these AI involved in good tasks, beneficial for society.

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