16% increase in Defence Budget

16% increase in Defence Budget

The government of Pakistan proposed budget for fiscal year 2023-24, defence budget of Pakistan is also increased by 16% as country is in continous struggle with external and internal security challenges.

The defence budget for 2023-24 would be Rs 1,804 billion compared to the revised defence spending of Rs 1,591 billion earmarked for the outgoing fiscal year.

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Is the increase Justified ?

People believe that 15.7 percent increase in defence budget is totally justified as per the recorded inflation and devaluation of rupee against the dollar in the last year.

Rs 563 billion is allocated for pensions of retired military personnel and Rs 280 billion for the armed forces development programmes and other essential expenditure and Rs 58 billion for UN peacekeeping missions.

According to the details in budget document, out of Rs 1084 billion, Rs 705 billion have been allocated for employees related expenses, Rs 442 billion for operating expenses, Rs 461 billion for local purchases and imports of arms.

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All three forces, Army, Navy and Airforce were given an equalnincrease in the budget although Army is big in its size and role for the country.

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