Vitamin D – essential for fighting depression

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is mandatory for bone health. It prevents osteoporosis and brittle bone structures. Its deficiency can lead to muscular diseases, depression and certain cancers. Research has also found a bridge between Vitamin D deficiency and depression. Our brain uses neurosteroids to function normally.

Vitamin D is one such neurosteroid, and it has been detected in the spinal fluid and the brain. Vitamin D receptors are present in essential areas of the brain, including the substantia nigra. Thus, there is a direct link between psychological disorders and Vitamin D. However, more conclusive evidence is still being sought. Vitamin D comes in many forms.

The human skin produces 7-dehydrocholesterol from the UV rays of the sun. This travels to the Liver, where it develops into 25 hydroxyvitamin D and is sent to the kidneys. It gets into its active form 1,25dihydroxy Vitamin D. Research says that some common

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symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency include: Frequent infections, lower immunity, fragile bones, fatigue, tiredness, loss of sleep and depression. Vitamin D is involved in fighting diseases like cold and flu.

It also is effective in combating the impacts of the coronavirus. Vitamin D protects our bones from losing mass. Moreover, low Vitamin D can speed up the symptoms of depression.

The best source for surging your Vitamin D is sunshine. 15-20 mins of sun absorption between 11 am to 2 pm daily gets you your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Moreover, sunshine is also correlated to a better mood. It increases the production of the hormone Serotonin and improves mental health. Sunshine also helps keep Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) away, helping people with depression and anxiety.

It is pertinent to state that a good night’s sleep is essential for combating the symptoms of depression

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