US supports DG ISPR’s claims about Imran Khan

US supports DG ISPR’s claims about Imran Khan

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price refuted Thursday former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s allegations, saying that he agreed with the statements made by the Pakistan Army in a press conference.

Ned Price held a regular press briefing in Washington, wherein he maintained that the US supported the peaceful upholding of the democratic and constitutional principles, including basic respect for human rights.

The US spokesperson said that allegations made by ex-premier Imran Khan were baseless.

“We do not support one political party over another whether it is in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world,” he added.

“We support broader principles of the rule of law and equal justice.”

Going along with the DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar’s statement, Ned Price said, “We agree with it.”

DG ISPR Babar Iftikhar held a press briefing on Thursday to elaborate on the military’s perspective on the prevalent political situation.

He denied using the word ‘conspiracy’ in the minutes of the NSC meeting.

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He said what happened in the past few days in Pakistan was part of the constitutional process, and it was wrong to drag the army into it.

Iftikhar commented that the army wasn’t in the position to give NRO to anybody. He turned down allegations that the COAS was involved in any kind of political development for toppling Khan’s government. Iftikhar said evidence of such allegations should be brought to light.

He added that the message from the Pakistan ambassador to the US was received by the ISI, and it apprised the NSC on that cable. 

The DG ISPR explained that the issuance of demarches was not specific to the hatching of conspiracies but had other reasons. “In this case, the message was given in an undiplomatic language and was equal to interference.” 

DG ISPR said that the former prime minister had asked the army chief to help find a way out of the political crisis that his government was facing.

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