UAE National Day: What Does UAE Mean to Pakistan?

UAE National Day

“The UAE National Day is a celebration of gratitude for me as an expat. For we are living in a safe place of tolerance that embraces all cultures and provides many opportunities for one and all,” an expat said on the account of United Arab Emirates’ 51st National Day.

Pakistan, at the same time, was also jubilant on the occasion.

UAE National Day Celebrations in Pakistan

To commemorate the 51st National Day of the United Arab Emirates, a reception was held on Thursday at a nearby hotel by UAE Ambassador to Pakistan Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Alzaabi (UAE). 

The diplomatic and media community took part in great numbers at the vibrant reception, which the UAE envoy warmly welcomed everyone to. 

Speaking at the event, the ambassador noted that the jovial crowd was a resounding demonstration of the comradery and affection shared by the governments and people of two nations. 

“Indeed, I see this as a celebration of our cooperative relationships and friendly contacts on our 51st anniversary, and I have no doubt that this sense of brotherhood will only grow in all manner of spheres and frontiers.”

UAE – A Humanitarian Avenue

Focusing on the international humanitarian projects spearheaded while serving as President of the State, the UAE has made tremendous strides in infrastructure and services during the past 51 years. 

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed’s role has been outstanding in promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence among various religions in all cultures and in bringing about security and peace. 

The UAE has maintained its position as one of the top 10 nations providing official development assistance (ODA), according to the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). 

With AED 16.1 billion in ODA and more than 52% of the aid being provided in the form of grants, the UAE had the highest ODA to Gross National Income (GNI) ratio in 2015 (1.09%). 

The UAE provided 15.23 billion AED in development aid in 2016. 

The UAE gave more than AED28.5 billion to 42 countries in 2018, exceeding the UN’s ODA objective of 0.7 percent by contributing 0.93 percent of ODA/GNI ratio for the sixth consecutive year. 

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Development Assistance Committee, designated the UAE as a participant member in 2014. (DAC). The status entitles the UAE to attend DAC subsidiary body meetings as well as high-level and senior-level gatherings. With this standing, the UAE is given a place at the table in fora discussing international development as well as widespread recognition as a top donor. 

A Selfless Donor

The only goals of the UAE’s assistance are humanitarian. It is neither governed by politics nor is it constrained by the beneficiary’s location, race, colour, or religion. The UAE’s philosophy of tolerance and coexistence is being put into practise in this situation. This policy was established by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding president of the UAE, who emphasised that overseas aid and assistance is one of the fundamental tenets of UAE foreign policy. 

The UAE has used the concepts of sustainable development and enhancing the welfare of all people in developing its strategy for offering aid abroad. 

The “UAE Humanitarian Committee,” which intends to channel and combine the aggregate knowledge of UAE humanitarian responders in order to expedite, oversee, and coordinate the country’s humanitarian aid, was established by the UAE Cabinet in order to maximise the impact of its international aid. 

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UAE & Pakistan: Pandemic, Floods & Beyond

The UAE and Pakistan have a wide range of ties that have developed smoothly. The economic content of our bilateral interactions has grown over time. Bilateral commerce between Pakistan and the UAE increased by 25.40% in 2021–2022 compared to the prior year, totaling $10.60 billion. Pakistan’s exports during the aforementioned time totaled $1.84 billion, up from $1.48 billion the previous year, while its imports totaled $8.75 billion in 2021–22, up from $6.96 billion the year before. 

Pakistan gained from participating in Expo 2020 Dubai as well. Papers report that during Expo 2020, “about 250 different business and cultural events were organised at the Pakistan Pavilion.” On the fringes of Expo 2020, a number of trade and investment conferences were held, and Pakistan signed more than 100 MOUs for investments in a variety of areas. The benefits of the global fair for Pakistan are actually highlighted by a number of advantages for important industries like tourism. 

Highlights of Tourism and Culture 

With the theme Pakistan: A Hidden Treasure, the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 highlighted the country’s tourist attractions, historic history, legacy, cultural variety, and economic potential. One of the most popular pavilions at Expo 2020, it garnered more than a million visitors,. Through the organisation of a significant number of tourism marketing and cultural/musical events, Expo 2020 served as another platform for Pakistan to showcase its enormous tourism potential to potential travellers in the UAE and throughout the world. 

During the pandemic, Pakistan and the UAE’s cooperation and support were also obvious. In order to help the people stuck in Pakistan return to their employment, the Embassy worked with the UAE government to recommence flight operations from Pakistan to the UAE after commercial operations resumed there. The host government was also urged to provide Pakistani workers who lost their jobs due to the epidemic preference when hiring new employees. 

Through its website and social media pages, the Embassy also regularly informed the Pakistani community of any changes to the Covid-19 laws and regulations. The Embassy consistently engages with the Pakistani community. While a Special Help Desk has been established in the Embassy to provide information on consular services, an officer states that “periodic Virtual Khuli Kachehris are organised by the Embassy to handle the difficulties of the diaspora.” Regular visits to the prisons are made by the Community Welfare Section of the Embassy to inquire about Pakistani prisoners. In order to learn about and assist in resolving the community’s problems, Embassy staff maintain regular contact with them. 

The remarkable UAE and the historic leader who changed the course of history with his accomplishments at the regional and global levels support the growth and construction of all societies.

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