Top Skills Recruiters Look For in 2022

Top Skills Recruiters Look For

Modern Workplace Cultures and Values

Modern workplace cultures and values frequently differ significantly from those of the past.

Many of the talents companies are looking for today may already be possessed by younger workers and newer workers, or at the very least, they may have working understanding of them. Nevertheless, despite their expertise and qualifications, some senior professionals in the middle of their careers are discovering unexpected gaps in their skill sets. 

A professional searching for a move can speed up a mid career transition by upskilling to acquire or improve particular practises and skills that are currently in demand by making them a more appealing prospect to potential employers.

1. Listening with empathy 

Empathetic listening is crucial for team cohesion, performance, and company culture in addition to your individual success. This entails listening to understand what is important to other people rather than just reacting or responding. Pose open-ended inquiries. Try to comprehend. You may put this into practise right now in your dealings with coworkers and at home. 

2. Adaptability, Agility, and Speed 

Three qualities are in demand: adaptation, flexibility, and agility. What a terrific ability to have in today’s world if you can quickly adjust. Being adaptable makes it simpler to collaborate with everyone, and being nimble while interacting with internal and external stakeholders will increase your attractiveness.

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3. Effective Communication

In today’s world, effective communication is crucial. The days of lengthy, tedious PowerPoints and PDFs will soon be history. Today’s workforce requires expertise in microlearning, video creation and editing, and the use of images to deliver messages. People are acquiring knowledge and changing quickly in this day and age. The attention spans of younger generations are shorter since they are used to video games and video-based learning (think TikTok/YouTube). 

4. Emotional Intelligence

The skill set that has been proved to boost income and job title and provide one a competitive advantage is emotional intelligence. Working with a coach and taking an EQi assessment can help you develop all emotional intelligence competencies, such as self- and social awareness, assertiveness, social responsibility, and empathy. Select development goals first. Second, develop strategies for boosting competencies. 

5. Creative Thinking

Creativity is a crucial ability. Too many people mistakenly link creativity to the arts when it is actually the capacity to use your imagination. This entails not being constrained by prior triumphs, being receptive to fresh suggestions from experts and team members on the front lines, being at ease with team brainstorming sessions, constantly learning, and having the company create a strategy and clearly explain it.

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