Tips for traveling from Karachi to other cities of Pakistan

Tips for traveling from Karachi to other cities of Pakistan

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With the winter break approaching, people have lately been busily tapping their calculators to see which way to travel will ease their backs with less cost to pay. If you plan a trip from Karachi to Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta or Peshawar, it’s wise to compare the different modes of travel. Similarly, one also needs to see the cost-to-benefit ratio and calculate the best fit for all your needs.

The quickest way to travel is by air, but that certainly is not the cheapest. Air Sial is currently the most affordable for a round trip. Air Blue is a close second if you don’t have any bags to check-in. The remaining options are PIA and Serene Air. Flights take two hours for a one-way trip.

The second-fastest but the cheapest option is to travel by bus. Buses are usually easier to get as a bus leaves every half an hour. Faisal Movers and Daewoo Express are good options here.

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If you are willing to pay a little extra, the Faisal Movers Business Class bus offers ten seats fewer than the Executive bus, giving more legroom. A pro-tip here is to try and get on to the single seats on the left side of the bus; this will provide you with more legroom.

The last option is to go by train, the cheapest being the Green Line. However, the premium train choice is Pakistan Business Express. Trains are usually opted for by families and large groups travelling as they can get hold of entire cabins to ensure privacy.

Flights between Peshawar and Karachi are fewer than those to Islamabad or Lahore. These flights get sold out earlier, so book as soon as possible if you wish to fly from Karachi to Peshawar.

For travelling from Karachi to Quetta, you’ll find it slightly difficult to find flights. The bus travel option here is Al-Saif Travels, and there is no direct train from the port city to Quetta.

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