Tiger force Volunteers personal details leaked on Social Media

Tiger force Volunteers personal details leaked on Social Media

Tiger force Volunteers personal details leaked on Social Media

Tiger force Volunteers’ personal details leaked on Social Media. Thousands of volunteers currently registered for the Corona Relief Tiger Force (CRTF) are shared online with personal information, including CNIC and telephone numbers.  

Today the CRTF is expected to become fully active nationally. Posts about the leaked data first appeared on social media on Sunday.

“PDF files and photographs containing personal details of thousands of volunteers from the Corona Relief Tiger Force, including CNICs, telephone numbers, etc. were circulated openly and illegally on numerous anonymous WhatsApp groups,” cyber-analyst Zaki Khalid posted on Twitter.

“At the service store listed against their names, the following tiger force members will remain available,” read the order of 28 April.

The documents list the names of the volunteers, CNIC, addresses, tehsil, board, age, work, training, ability, and registration status.

The list of information includes the 8,000 persons from Kasur, the 4,029 in Pasrur, the 2,000 in Khushab, the Pattoki tehsil document is 123 pages long, and the 172 pages for Chunian.

Usman Dar, the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant, said earlier in Thursday’s press conference, that approximately one million CRTF members, including physicians, engineers, lawyers, retired military personnel, and other citizens were registered for CRTF.

In addition to informing local administrations of the availability of stock items on which government subsidies were granted of milliards of rupees, he announced that tiger forces volunteers would help to maintain social distance between buyers in more than 4000 utility stores throughout the country.

In reality, volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, including marketers and IT professionals, drivers, and contractors, are focused on the skill sets out in the shared documents.

To date, the government has not verified that the records are authentic. Interestingly enough, the five districts have hardly any female volunteers.

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