This year demands of Aurat March

This year demands of Aurat March

Every year Aurat March is conducted in Pakistan and all other parts of world to display the basic rights of women and to stop people from oppressing women. This year the organizers and women March association presented 60 new demands for women rights including a stop to violence on women, and increase in health and education budget.

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The demands also include representation of women on every field of decision making. These demands are presented in pre media talk at National Press Club by women right’s activist Farzana Bari and Imaan Zainab. The demands also included raising minimum wages of women.

Feminization of Climate Justice

The organizers also explained about the focus on “Feminization of Climate Justice” that was taken in notice after last year flood causing 1,100 deaths and damages. The women organization also explained about the neglecting factor of women affected and young girls who suffered a lot in floods. They added that key demands are needed to be fulfilled for women.

Women rights association also mentioned about period poverty, economic justice and providing informal and all formal work disciplines for making women employed and self-dependent. The women organization also mentioned about the application of No-objection certificate allocated for women but the demand was rejected without providing any specific reason.

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The district administration and Islamabad police has been directed by officials to make sure the safety of marchers who has been marching since 2018 for their rights. Every year Aurat March bring up many new points for rights and freedom of oppressed women in society but also creates some controversies regarding banners, boards and slogans chanted by march members.

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