The fate of clean drinking water in Karachi

The fate of clean drinking water in Karachi

Karachi is in the grip of several water-borne diseases. 

Diarrhoea and acute gastroenteritis are getting more common with each passing day.

However, people can get potable water from a total of 50 filtration plants being run by the Alkhidmat Foundation in various parts of the city.

Alkhidmat Karachi CEO Naveed Ali Baig said Karachi was gripped by diarrhoea and acute gastroenteritis because of sewage mixing with drinking water. To counter the problem, Alkhidmat is operating a total of 50 water filtration plants in the city to provide potable water of international quality to citizens on a daily basis.

Baig said potable water was crucial for life, and Alkhidmat was ensuring to provide it to citizens at subsidised rate. He added that the NGO was also running a mobile filtration van to dispense clean and cool water in high-traffic areas amid the hot summer.

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“Alkhidmat has established a water testing lab in PIB Colony. Institutions and citizens can get their water samples tested from there,” he said, adding that a team of technicians were regularly performing maintenance work at the plants in case of mechanical problems.

He said Alkhidmat had procured filtration plants from the Japanese government during Naimatullah Khan’s era, and they were still in use and giving clean water to citizens.

Moreover, he said Alkhidmat had installed automatic dispensing machines in various localities of the city that were dispensing potable water 24 hours a day. Baig said that on the success of this pilot project, this service would be expanded to other areas.

He pointed out a grave scarcity of potable water in the port city with a population of 30 million people. He said that Alkhidmat’s intention was to provide clean water in every nook and cranny of Karachi. “Alkhidmat is working to improve the situation, and people need to step forward to help the organisation in its efforts,” he added.

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