Taylor Swift Makes History Again on Spotify with Cruel Summer

taylor swift makes history again on spotify with 'cruel summer

taylor swift makes history again on spotify with ‘cruel summer

Taylor Swift, the famous singer, has achieved something big on Spotify, a music streaming platform. One of her songs from her album ‘Lover,’ called ‘Cruel Summer,’ has been played over 1 billion times by people on Spotify. That’s a huge number!

Taylor was so happy about this that she shared the news on her Instagram Stories. Even Spotify, the music app, congratulated her and said, “It’s been no cruel summer for @taylorswift13 this year. Congratulations on another track in the #BillionsClub.” This special club is for songs that have been listened to a billion times or more.

Not just ‘Cruel Summer,’ another song of Taylor’s called ‘Anti-Hero’ from her ‘Midnights’ album also joined the billion-stream club. That means it’s been listened to a billion times on Spotify too. In fact, there are 468 songs in this special club now.

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Taylor Swift was really thankful to her fans for making this happen. She said, “Summer just got a BILLION TIMES CRUELER. Love you all so much for this.” She was super excited!

This exciting news comes after Taylor Swift’s concert film, ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,’ made a lot of money. It earned $26 million in just one day, which is a record for AMC theaters where people watch movies.

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Not long ago, Taylor also became the first female artist on Spotify to have 100 million people listening to her songs every month. That’s a lot of people, and it shows how much her music is loved.

Taylor Swift is known for her amazing songs and her loyal fans. She keeps achieving big things, and her music continues to make people happy all around the world.

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